“Experimental Fashion” led by Emily Nachison at Oregon College of Art & Craft

  1. project assistance

  2. demo preparation + leading

  3. assisting coordination of end-of-class runway show

Teaching Assistant

January 2018-May 2018


September 2017-April 2018

“Bottom Level Toolshop” with Big Car Collaborative at Tube Factory Artspace

  1. safety and shop orientation (wood)

  2. community tool library

  3. pop-up and series classes

  4. shop maintenance, storage, and organization

  5. event planning, assisting,  leading


October 2015 - July 2017

various adult, teen, and youth classes at Indianapolis Art Center

  1. drawing, painting, mixed media, fibers, sculpture, woodworking

  2. pop-up and series classes, including summer camp

  3. safety and shop orientation

  4. shop maintenance, storage, and organization